DJ Marcela - A Biography
Eclectic, lively creative DJ and radio presenter, Marcela Rosas - AKA Chile Peper - was born in Chile, grew up in Stockholm and has now lived in London for the past 15 years, where she's been DJing Latin and Soulful House vocals.

Marcela's career began in Sweden in 1993 where she worked as a host/DJ on a Latin-American radio station. She would regularly be presenting and introducing bands at live events and festivals around Stockholm. A regular at Sophie's Bar, Spy bar, O-bar, Gino, Cafe Opera - to mention just a few. She was proud to be the first woman DJ in Scandinavia.

Later she started a project called The Female DJs who toured Scandinavia attracting widespread attention from both Radio and TV.

One of her highlights was in 1999 where she played at the Scandinavian Grammy Awards, in Stockholm.

Since then, DJ Marcela has continually raised her profile by playing at some of the most prestigious places in London such as The Met-Bar, MoMos, Tokyo Yo, Chinawhites, The Sandersons, The G-Club, The Cross, 1001, The END, The Burlington Club, The W-Hotel, Luxx, Jalouse, Embassy, SOS, LUXE, Match, Apartment 58 and many more.

Not just working in London, DJ Marcela has also travelled widely, bringing her sound to New York, San Francisco, Chile, Brazil, Tokyo, Thailand and Russia.

Her career as a radio presenter has seen her working at Unknown FM and currently she hosts the Bass Kitchen show on Hoxton FM.

DJ Marcela's overwhelming passion is to continue bringing the sophisticated sound of Latin/ Deep House to the world, drawing on her 20 years of experience in music.